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Resident Companies

Desperate Studios is currently home to the following arts companies and organisations:

Desperate Men

Tit for Tat

Wye Valley River Festival

Kid Carpet

Bristol Clown School

Desperate Studios is also home to individual artists and creative practitioners, acting as a shared hub to launch and facilitate work. More information can be found under our PACTs Members section.

Current Members

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Desperate Men

“Desperate Men have been inviting people to play for over 42 years, creating, performing and producing ground-breaking outdoor theatre in the UK and internationally. We’re always looking for new partners and projects so if you want to test the limits of our imagination (and we’re pretty sure it’s limitless), give us a call.

As creative producers, we work on large-scale outdoor art projects and collaborate with other partners and arts organizations. We also create bespoke performances, street animations and education projects on commission. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do, from working with local authorities to engage communities to setting up partnerships with other artists.”

Tit for Tat Circus

“A Circus Theatre company that believes in celebrating the ordinary. We take everyday objects, objectives and scenes, and we explore every nook and cranny until we make them extra-ordinary. We believe in finding the most exciting and, more often than not, the most difficult way of getting from A to B. Even when undertaking simple tasks such as making a cup of tea, painting a wall, or changing a lightbulb.

Tit for Tat has performed pieces both small and large all across the UK. Whether its making chips for the public in a blur of ketchup and salt or launching furniture halfway across the stage. As chaotic clowns, we bring a special element of heartfelt complicity and comedic near-calamity to all of our performances.”

Wye Valley River Festival

“The Wye Valley River Festival CIC is an innovative arts organisation, led by artists and communities creating work with the environment at its heart. We bring local people, environmentalists, and talented artists together in an internationally important landscape, for a creative exploration of what is possible.

We support and drive a programme of community engagement and co-creation activity which culminates in a unique cross-border biennial arts and environment festival. WVRF now supports co-created cultural activity year-round. These exciting new initiatives are led by ‘Creative Community Champions’ in partnership with local people and organisations.”

Kid Carpet

“Kid Carpet is a musician, video and theatre maker from Bristol who produces simple, catchy songs and disruptively charming shows, creating superheroes out of everyday people and ordinary things. Originally using toy instruments and a sampler Kid Carpet continues to use interesting sounds and instruments in his songs like laser guns, dripping water and rubber bands which he combines with a direct and charming lyrical style and his DIY aesthetic.

Kid Carpet has been performing internationally since 2003 and collaborates with theatre companies, schools and social groups to co-create shows, films, music and artworks which question, celebrate joy and promote oracy.”

Bristol Clown School

“The Bristol Clown School offers short courses, masterclasses, workshops, residency space and weekly classes in a variety of styles and disciplines. We invite research, community and connection through the playful art of clowning.

We are dedicated to a celebration of all the possibilities of clowning and its powerful personal and political applications. 

The Bristol Clown School’s curated seasonal programme of classes and workshops brings teachers and organisations from all over the world to share the full gamut of clown practice and its expression in the world.”


The companies working here have amassed years of expertise spanning Clowning, Street Arts, Physical Theatre, Circus, and Cross Disciplinary Performance. We may be able to offer Directing, Dramaturgy, Production, and Mentoring support to your projects. If you would like to work with any of our resident companies, follow their links to their respective websites and get in touch! Otherwise, you may send general enquiries to

Space Hire

Desperate Studios

If you would like to work with any of our resident companies, follow their links to their respective websites and get in touch!